Given the keen interest for gold these last few years and record-breaking coin sales, it is hard to know if it’s not too late to buy gold. Furthermore, with such a diverse supply, what are the best products and storage venues to invest in precious metals?

3 gold coins

What Coins to Invest ?

There is a vast array of investment gold coins and new series are issued each year by mints worldwide. We review most of the available coins on the market. Discover or re-discover classic coins, such as the American Eagle or the U.S. Mint’s latest hit, the Gold Buffalo.

You will also find detailed information on competitors like the Canadian Maple Leaf coin or the South African Krugerrand.

Other types of coins, called rounds, without any legal tender status, can be found on the gold market. These rounds are being traded more and more and are starting to be considered fully as investment coins.

Is Gold a Good Investment?

First of all, isn’t it essential to understand gold as an investment? What are the market fundamentals, and why are gold sales soaring while this asset “does not bear any interest”?

For most investors, gold’s sole purpose is to protect against economic uncertainties. Let’s analyse the reality of the market and the evolution perspective of this asset, considered by some as a “barbaric relic”.

Are Gold Bars a Good Alternative?

Investment in gold is not limited to coins. On the contrary, most of the investment in gold is made through gold bars. For instance, these bars are accumulated by central banks for their national reserves.

In a section of our website you will find all the explanations regarding the advantages of a bar over a coin, the different bar sizes and their characteristics.